Name: Pan Mei Chen (Eagle)
Chinese Name: 潘美辰(鹰)
Date of Birth: 30thof June 1969
Origin: Republic of China (Taiwan)
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Rooster
Horoscope: Cancer
Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: O +
Catch-phrase: Do you understand what I mean?
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Musical Instruments: Keyboard, drum & guitar
Favorite Exercise: Swimming
Favorite Food: Japanese cuisine & Mum-cooked food
Favorite Accessories: Spectacles, watch & cap.
Favorite Music Style: All Type
Favorite Artiste: Michael Jackson & Madonna
Favorite Music Band: Gun N Roses
Favorite Outfit: Smart Casual - Jeans
Favorite Person: Dad, mum & brother (Family)
Favorite Color: White, black, blue & silver
Favorite Country: USA
Favorite Snacks: Peanuts & water-melon
Favorite Animals: Horse & Penguins
Hobbies: Music, movies, games
Strength: Desire to learn new things
Weakness: Short temper, headstrong


—— Her own-written song "悔(REGRETS)" won the 1st Taiwan Youth Contest.
—— “Best New Singer Award of the Year” of  China of Republic (Taiwan)

—— Voted the Most Popular Female Singer by local magazines in Singapore and Malaysia.

—— "I WANT A HOME" won the Best Song Award of the Year of the 1st Golden Melody Awards.

—— Best Singer Award by CCTV Energetic 28

—— Top Ten Idol Award of the Year, ranked 5th

—— Top Ten Beauties by Taiwan Ming Seng Newspaper
——  Top Ten Idol Award of the Year, ranked 3rd

——  Top Ten Idol Award of the Year, ranked 5th
—— Nominated as' the Most Popular Female Singer' in the 2nd <933Golden Melody Awards, Singapore>.

—— SingaporeMost Popular Female Singers Awards of the Year.

—— "THE TRUE PAN MEI CHEN" album was nominated as “The Best Album of the Year” in Golden Melody Awards                   
—— Nominated as “Best Golden Song” & “Most Popular Singer” in 933 Golden  Melody Awards,Singapore


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